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".....A deliciously juicy and unputdownable tale of revenge and all the twisted things we’ll do in the name of love."

                                                         ~~Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of LAST GIRL GHOSTED

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The Lying Club

Three women. Two bodies. One big lie...

At an elite private school nestled in the Colorado mountains, a tangled web of lies draws together three vastly different women. Natalie, a young office assistant, dreams of having a life like the school moms she deals with every day. Women like Brooke-a gorgeous heiress, ferociously loving mother and serial cheater-and Asha, an overachieving and overprotective mom who suspects her husband of having an affair.

Their fates are bound by their relationships with the handsome, charming assistant athletic director Nicholas, who Natalie loves, Brooke wants and Asha needs. But when two bodies are carried out of the school early one morning, it seems the jealousy between mothers and daughters, rival lovers and the haves and have-nots has shattered the surface of this isolated, affluent town-a town where people will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Set in a world of vast ranches, chalet-style apartments and mountain mansions, The Lying Club is a juicy thriller of revenge, murder and a shocking conspiracy-one in which the victims aren't who you might think.

Annie Ward



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Layers of deceit and intrigue explosively unravel at an elite private school in this dark and compelling must-read. A master of misdirection, Ward takes the reader on a continual roller coaster ride with one shocking twist after another.

Liv Constantine, Internationally bestselling author of THE STRANGER IN THE MIRROR

If you loved Big Little Lies & Little Fires Everywhere, allow me to introduce you to your next obsession. Wildly addictive, smart, and chilling, THE LYING CLUB by Annie Ward will have you on the edge of your seat, guessing until the very last page.

Kim Liggett, New York Times bestselling author of THE GRACE YEAR


Annie Ward has done it again! THE LYING CLUB is a stunning whodunnit that will keep readers captivated until its final page. Ward has created characters so real you’ll feel like you’re a member of their dark and twisted world where everyone is a suspect, and everyone has a motive. THE LYING CLUB is an edgy, addictive read about the lengths people go to in the name of love, no matter the consequences. Fans of Big Little Lies will revel in this dark, pacy page-turner.

Heather Gudenkauf, NYT bestselling author of THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE

Annie Ward's The Lying Club paints a frightening picture of a toxic prep school shrouded in layers of manipulation and secrecy.  Her novel gives the reader a window into a world of privilege gone horribly awry. You will not be able to put it down.

Mary Dixie Carter, author of  THE PHOTOGRAPHER

Annie Ward ratchets up the tension in this tantalizing story of jealousy, privilege, lies and murder. With breakneck pacing and one shocking revelation after the next, THE LYING CLUB will absolutely wow readers of domestic suspense.

Mary Kubica, NYT bestselling author of  LOCAL WOMAN MISSING

THE LYING CLUB is another dark, twisty and expertly-plotted thriller by Annie Ward. Tension and intrigue bubble beneath the surface in the unique setting. I could barely turn the pages fast enough, eager to unravel the clever and brilliantly-written mystery.

Karen Hamilton, Internationally bestselling author of THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND

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